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Interested in becoming an X-ray technician? Of course you are… why wouldn’t you be? It’s an excellent career choice that happens to offer terrific pay while only requiring a minimal amount of schooling. What’s not to like? Not much, which is exactly why this virtual treasure trove of information—or more importantly—accurate information exists today. Hey, we don’t call ourselves the #1 X-ray technician site in the world for nothing!


Pursuing a career as an X-ray technician—other wise known as a radiology technician or a radiologic technologist—has become increasingly attractive to prospective students over the past several years—and for good reason. A career as an X-ray tech can be a very rewarding experience in terms of both compensation, and overall job satisfaction—which is presumably why there are tens-of-thousands of registered radiologic technologists actively practicing nationwide today. However, even though there are a large number of RT’s currently practicing in the field, the demand for diagnostic imaging is projected to rise at a much-faster-than-average rate according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. So, no shortage of X-ray tech jobs! That can’t be said for much of the employment world these days. This is largely due to our relentless rapidly growing elderly population, which is expected to nearly double by the year 2050!


Not only is radiologic technology a profession which boasts a job outlook that puts most others to shame, it’s also an industry that offers a tremendous amount of flexibility. The practicing Xray technician is afforded the opportunity to change career paths and move into other disciplines within the the radiologic sciences with very little fuss. This is because the specific discipline of X-ray technology falls under the expansive umbrella of the highly dynamic field of radiologic technology, which encompasses a vast array of different modalities—all of which are covered in great detail on this site. And although nearly 30% of radiologic technologists working in the field specialize in conventional radiography (X-ray), other closely related types of technicians such as the CT tech, nuclear medicine technologist, mammographer, and MRI technician practice in the same field, and are often times rewarded even better in terms of compensation.


There is also incredible potential for advancement for those working in the field of the radiologic sciences. While the average X-ray technician salary runs about $55,000 per year, it’s actually possible to break into the elusive and highly sought-after six-figure club—perhaps even with nothing more than a certificate or an associate’s degree. In fact, X-ray tech schools typically only last for about two years! So relax, click around, and allow us teach you how to become an X-ray technicianstep-by-step.

Fun Fact:

If you weren’t somehow already aware after reading the above, an Xray tech is referred to by a seemingly unending list of names. They might be called a radiology technician, a radiologic technologist, or simply just a radiographer. If that’s not enough, there happens to be about a-million-and-one abbreviated names to remember. In fact, you will come to find that the phenomenon of mind boggling terminology has a strong presence throughout the entire field of radiologic technology. Therefore, when you happen to notice phrases like, “which also goes by the name” on this site, go ahead and chalk it up as us attempting to make sense of a bewildering amount of radiological jargon. Enjoy!